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Never Alone

Jesus the Passover Lamb: A Study in Biblical Theology

The Justification Catechism

Interview with Senator Ben Sasse

Sometimes God calls us to make unexpected sacrifices on behalf of His kingdom. The Sasse family serves the state of Nebraska in the United States Senate, and in this episode Melissa and Ben share what civic engagement means to them, how they stick together as a family, and how to redefine politics as simply living life among neighbors.

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Interview with Pastor Isaac Adams

Before we can love our neighbors and stand up against injustice, we must go to God and allow him to calibrate our hearts. Prayer is oxygen to the Christian, connecting us to our source of life and strength. As dual citizens, we have the opportunity to pray for our leaders, even politicians with whom we disagree. Do you believe in the power of prayer? We talk with Isaac Adams, founder of United We Pray, about the importance of prayer as a starting point for action.

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