My friends,

Being the lowliest servant of God is better than having ten thousand universes to yourself without Him. You have never committed a small sin, they have all been wicked enough to damn you to Hell to be forever separated from Christ. While we all know this, something we rarely consider is that we have never received a small blessing. The fact that we have food to eat is amazing grace more than we could ever deserve. The fact that we have even one person unashamed to call us their friend, despite our lifelong, ungrateful treason against a holy God, is a gift of love that we can never repay. 

Yet even these blessings—food, clean clothing, friends—are but tiny embers next to the white, hot, blazing supernova of knowing the love of a pierced, agonizing, bleeding, weeping, dying Jesus. His majesty and splendor makes all things look less than worthless. Yet, this is the very King who loved even the most ungrateful hypocrite, and gave Himself upon an accursed tree. (Galatians 2:20) 

My friends, the garden of Eden and Paradise itself would be hellish and unbearable places without God and knowing the love of Jesus. Indeed, even ten trillion Heavens without Jesus would be gut-wrenchingly miserable, and like Hell itself, in comparison to an hour spent truly knowing the full love of Jesus Christ which surpasses knowledge. This is a love that exceeds the heights of Heaven, yet condescended to this globe, a love that condescended even to the cross and the depths of the terrible wrath of our Almighty God. This is a love that triumphed over death, Satan and his wicked demons, and the gates of Hell. This is a love that ascended in glory to lavish His Spirit upon His precious, adopted, ransomed children; a love which  interceded on His children’s behalf. This is a love that is coming back in Holy anger and furious wrath against wicked and reprobate enemies, but with tender mercy, compassion, joy, and gentleness to dwell with His precious children and wipe every tear from every eye. 

Oh, friends! Do you know this love I speak of? Do you know the predestinating love that determined all and carefully watches over each and every individual hair on your head? Do you know the love that takes care of you and guards you from the devils which would savagely murder you if He were to abandon you? Even when you were in your mother’s womb, you were adored and treasured by God. An everlasting love was placed on you before the foundation of the earth, and before you loved Him at all!

This love is what compels us. This is the love which drives away every fear and causes the Gospel to thunder forth to the darkest corners of this wicked world. This love can keep us humble when loved by billions, and joyful when hated by them. This love can keep us from despair after our greatest failures and keep us from pride after our greatest successes. This love can give us joy and hope in the darkest dungeon and gratitude and deep humility in the most splendid mansion. 

If we know the love of Jesus, we can endure both the smiles and frowns of this dying world and not be shaken. If we know the love of Jesus, we can boldly stand before any enemy, any King, any devil, or any putrid thing in Hell and declare the excellencies of the one who called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light by His grace alone! If we know the love of Jesus, we can endure any devastation and sing for joy! 10 trillion afflictions would be Heavens if we could be in our Savior’s loving arms and know His love! Oh, with Jesus we can do all these things with sheer joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory (1 Peter 1:8). When you know the love of Jesus, you can rest your tired head on the pillow and sleep in perfect peace.

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